Thursday, April 9, 2015

They Never Learn, Do They?

It seems like the powers that be in our government have not learned a thing from the debacles in Vietnam, Iraq, and Libya. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR), has claimed that if we go to war with Iran, we can just bomb it from the air for a few days and then it will be over.

Hey, remember when the Bush Administration said that the Iraq War would only last a few weeks to a few months? Remember when Obama said that the Libya bombing would be a quick military operation? How did those two things go again, exactly?

The Iraq War lasted eight years and cost us over $2 trillion dollars. While we got rid of Gaddafi in Libya pretty quickly, the region destabilized afterwards, much like Iraq did when Saddam Hussein was overthrown. The thing about the Middle East is that it's a complete hellhole. If you topple one bad guy, another always seems to be waiting to take his place.

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