Thursday, October 13, 2016

Rudy Giuliani Doesn't Remember Seeing Hillary in NYC on 9/11

Rudy Giuliani, who has spent the whole presidential campaign with his head shoved firmly up Donald Trump's derrière, has apparently learned how to make wild, absurd accusations from him as well. He accused Hillary Clinton of lying when she said she was in NYC on September 11, 2001. Hillary was in Washington DC at the Capitol that day. (Giuliani is overlooking the fact that DC was also attacked that day.) However, she went to NYC with Chuck Schumer the next day (and she says this in her interview with Chris Cuomo). Here is a picture of her standing next to Rudy Giuliani.

But, hey this was on September 12th, so Rudy technically isn't wrong when he says he didn't remember seeing her on September 11th. 

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