Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dave Blount is one repugnant cretin

Dave Blount thinks that all Arabs are terrorists

This kind of shit is what would get most people laughed at for being so fucking stupid. I'm not laughing, however, for Blount manages to mix racism in with both hypocrisy and paranoia, and even manages to make an incredibly stupid attempt at a "joke." 

You need a strong stomach to be a kid these days. The push to instill political correctness through comic books has created a female Muslim superhero

Um, no, you don't need a strong stomach to be a kid. Because kids aren't naturally repulsed automatically by things like nationality and religion. Their reaction would be one of curiosity by default. Whether or not they like it or hate it is determined by the environment in which they are raised.

New York’s incoming communist mayor has proclaimed, “I will ban all surveillance and profiling of Muslims.” The WTC is all forgotten now. 

So banning racial profiling and warrentless surveillance is "communist?" Actually, both of those things are unconstitutional, and should be banned. Funny, you and people like you claim to love the Constitution, but you have no problem with it being violated when those violations affect people you don't approve of. How's that for hypocritical?

Give it another few years and the moonbats who create comic books will have Kamala Khan striking heroic blows against capitalism and Islamophobia by using her superpowers to steer airliners into office towers.

It's funny because all Muslims are terrorists. 

Most of the comments are the usual bigotry, hatred, and ignorance that you'd expect from a site like this, but there is one that's actually funny:

So she does not wear a bullet proof Burqa? Whats her super power education?

Actually, I'm willing to bet that her super power is the ability to use proper punctuation.

Edit: Kamala Khan is actually Pakistani, and not Arab. Thanks to my anonymous commenter for correcting me!


  1. Good post, but just one minor note; Kamala Khan isn't Arab, she's Pakistani. Khan isn't actually even an Arabic name or title and never has been; besides the obvious Turko-Mongol connection, it's largely used by Central/Sout Asian and more specifically Indo-Iranian (Afghan, Pakistani, Indian, Iranian, etc.) Muslims.

    Maybe it's a minor nitpick, but it's like calling... I dunno, John Constantine or some other British comic-book character Finnish. Both the English and the Finns live in the same continent and traditionally have been largely Christian, but they are very different groups with very different cultures whose languages aren't even in the same language family, and someone who confused the two would come off as a bit silly.

  2. Good point. I'll be sure to update this.