Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Donald Trump Outlines Plan To Have Mexico Pay For The Wall

You know how Donald Trump wants to build a wall around Mexico to keep out illegal immigrants? And he wants to make Mexico pay for it? Well, he's finally revealed his plan to make them do just that!
Trump: The wall is a fraction of the kind of money that--in many different ways--that Mexico takes from us. The wall is a fraction--you know you're talking about a $10 billion wall...and...a trade deficit with Mexico of $58 billion, and probably going to get worse--if they run it, if I run it, there won't be a trade deficit.
But of course.
Kevin Liptak (CNN Reporter): Today, the Trump Campaign is outlining its plan--what it's saying is that it is essentially going to threaten Mexico that if it does not pay the $10 billion dollars for the wall, the US Government will halt remittances--money transfers--stopping citizens from wiring money to their relatives in Mexico...the Trump Campaign estimates that will total somewhere in the neighborhood of $24 billion. 
And how is Trump going to make sure that money doesn't get sent? He didn't explain that, but he did propose that the US Government crack down on visas from business travelers and tourists coming from Mexico.  If you're wondering how either proposal is in any way legal, Trump is using an interpretation of the Patriot Act--yes that Patriot Act. He has a memo on his website detailing how this plan would work. Most of it is posturing--especially the part where he talks about cancelling visas. He only speaks about it as a leverage point--no details about he can do this legally are given. He also seems to think that losing $24 billion in yearly remittances will somehow be financially devastating to a country with a GDP of $1.3 trillion...and that doesn't count the profits from the underground economy ruled by the drug cartels.

Oh, but I'm sure the Mexican government is shaking in fear from Trump's threats.

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