Thursday, April 28, 2016

Michael Voris Thanks God for Giving His Mom Cancer to Stop Him from Being Gay

Michael Voris is a hyper-traditionalist Catholic from Michigan. Voris runs something called, where he fancies himself a latter-day Knight Templar. His website was previously called RealCatholicTV, and he used to have a YouTube channel. The channel has not been updated since June of 2012. This was around the time he was forced to change the name of his website because the Archdiocese of Detroit said that Voris could not use the word "Catholic" in the title because he did not have the consent required under the Code of Canon Law 216. Being a Traditionalist Catholic, he views the modern Catholic Church as "corrupt" and "heretical." Voris also believes that democracy should be replaced with a "benevolent Catholic monarch." The video where he called for this caused much controversy and was widely condemned by Catholics and non-Catholics alike, and was removed from his channel.

Since Voris has been off YouTube for almost four years, he's moved on to Facebook. He still regularly posts videos to his website. And he apparently he's come into conflict with the Archdiocese of New York, who he accuses of trying to discredit his work in "exposing" an alleged gay sex scandal. He made a video called, "Limiting God." Here, he "confesses" all of the sins from his past life before he converted to Catholicism. He was "confused about his sexuality" during his thirties, and "has frequent sexual liaisons with both adult men and adult women" during his twenties. I love he clarifies that the people had "sexual liaisons" with were adults. Frankly, a lot of people in the Catholic Church wish they could say that about their "sexual liaisons." 

After rambling about "liaisons" for a bit, he mentions that his mother prayed for him to return to Church and give up his "sinful" life. His mom prayed to be given "whatever suffering was needed" for him to be "granted sufficient grace to revert." His mother received stomach cancer shortly after this prayer, and died a few years later. As for Voris...I'm just going to quote him directly because I don't think I have any words to describe how fucked up he is:

He was thrilled, over the top with gratitude. Fuck me, read that paragraph again. He's so thankful for what God did for him by giving his mother stomach cancer! This is even worse when you consider the context of his situation right now. Since the Archdiocese of New York allegedly has a file on Voris that could potentially make him look bad, Voris made this video to make himself look like a good guy! He thinks that this story will make him look like a hero

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