Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ladies and Gentleman: The Worst Music Video Ever

What is it with YouTube Atheists and their paranoia about feminism? These people seem utterly terrified women speaking out in favor of their rights, so much so that you'd get the impression that they believe that giving women more rights will lead to men losing theirs. I'm not going to drop names--at least not right now, I might get the inspiration to review some of these guys soon--but there seems to be an entire genre of videos on YouTube right now, and it's basically a bunch of atheists ranting in front of a webcam about how feminism is either a religion or anti-male hate movement.

There's numerous videos on the subject, and the points they try to make are either based on strawmen or fueled by illogical paranoia. There's one channel called the SyeTenAtheist that made an animated music video on the subject. It's just...just watch it.

Jesus Christ. This is the most cringe thing I've ever seen. I couldn't sit through it in one sitting. I don't even know where to start. The nursery school background music makes me shudder, the "singing" is pure ear poison, the animation itself is stiff and awkward, and the "stereotypical jew" voice they give the feminist just makes me...uncomfortable. The video was trying to say that feminists and islamists have a lot in common, but no effort was made to actually prove this.

Is the logic that feminists and islamists are similar because islamists blame the jews and feminists blame the patriarchy for their problems? Are feminists and islamists banding together to defeat the International Jewish Patriarchy? Is that why she says that, "it's not rape if you're a muslim" at the end of the video? I mean, it obviously wasn't, that was just a retarded attempt to be "edgy" and "offensive" on the part of the creator, but it's too stupid to be either of those things.

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