Monday, December 23, 2013

Data Brokers to Rape Victims: "We Sold Your Personal Information for 7.9 cents a name! Merry Christmas!"

Are you a rape victim, HIV-positive, a victim of domestic abuse, a drug addict, or someone with a genetic disability? Well, the Data Broker Industry has the perfect gift for you. Your name, phone number, and home address will be put on a list of people who are suffering from similar circumstances and whose phone number and home addresses are also listed. And then that list will be sold for 7.9 cents per name. That's right, you get to celebrate Christmas knowing that someone profited off of your suffering!

There are few worse scumbags in the world than people who profit off of tragedy and the suffering of other people. But people who do so while giving away their personal information are a special kind of scumbag. There is no level of hell in which people like this would receive sufficient punishment.

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