Friday, December 27, 2013

Houston "Psychic" is sued by Gullible Moron

A lawyer in Houston is filing a lawsuit against a "psychic" woman. He claimed that there was a "breach of contract" after a "love ritual" he paid $3200 for didn't work. The ritual was intended to "united husband and wife" and involved something called "chakras." Chakras are supposed to be centers of spiritual power within the body or something. These things required special lights to work. The ritual itself cost $500 while the "special lights" cost $2700. I'll let the article explain the rest:
"Thorn allegedly told Busby she would cleanse the money and return it to him within four hours, along with dolls to represent the man and the woman. 
Finishing the ritual involved placing the box under the marital bed and saying prayers, the petition states.
The money and the box were given to Thorn at 5 PM on December 6, but had not been returned to Busby when the suit was filed ten days later, the petition states."
This guy is seeking $1 million in damages. Since we live in a first-world country, there is actually a not-insignificant chance of him getting $1 million for being a gullible idiot. Seriously. If you're going to spend thousands of dollars on something like this, thinking it was actually going to help with your relationship troubles, you might have to shoulder just a little bit of the blame for getting scammed. I kind of think that even if this guy hadn't met this alleged "psychic," he still probably would have ended up getting scammed when he received that e-mail from the Nigerian Prince.

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