Monday, December 23, 2013

Radical Feminism: The Feminist's Worst Enemy

Often times, the worst enemies of a particular group are the extreme members of that same group. For gun-rights activists, they have gun-rights absolutists, whom I've discussed previously. For Christians, they have the Religious Right. For Muslims, they have jihadists. For environmentalists, they have eco-terrorists.

The feminists are no different in this regard. They have their own worst enemy in the radical feminists or radfems. These are the nutballs that think everything with a dick is evil and that all sex with men is rape. Think Valerie Solanas and Cathy Brennan. While most feminists believe in gender equality, the radical feminists believe in female supremacy. The white supremacist shouts, "White Power." The black supremacist shouts "Black Power." The female supremacist shouts, "Pussy Power!" This is a joke, by the way. 

To some of the more loopy radical feminists, even kissing under the mistletoe is like being raped. No, seriously:

Like people who fret about the "War on Christmas," the radical feminists who think that all intimate contact with men is equal to being rape are morons. Making fun of them for the amusement of the three people who read this blog (according to my Blogger stats) is a public service. 

Maybe I'll make a post about the worst enemy of Animal Right's activists soon. 

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