Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Proof that Obama is Cthulhu

Wake up, sheeple!!!!1111!!! OMFG, teh proofs is all around us!!!!111!11! For generations the CABAL have told LIES to you and BRAINWASHED you and your CHILDREN via the LAMESTREAM MEDIA!11!1!1! The CABAL have been DUMBING DOWN AMERICA's YOUTH via COMMON CORE and are MOLDING them to become members of OBAMA'S PERSONAL ARMY!!!11!1! Our world is CONTROLLED by these BASTARDS!!! They are the ESOTERIC ORDER OF DAGON and they serve the man who is allegedly "Barack Obama."

HAH! He may have FOOLED the FEEBLE MINDED, but I see RIGHT THROUGH THE LIES!!!!111!1!1! The one the sheeple call "Obama" is not the President of the United States. He's not a natural born citizen of the United States. In fact, he is not even HUMAN at all! He is actually Cthulhu. HAH! I HAVE FIGURED IT OUT!11!1! I will BLOW THE LID OFF OF THINGS HERE!!1!1!1!1

It's not hard to find the PROOF!! There's a bunch of EVIDENCE that I've pieced together here. You see, "Barack Obama" was "born" on August 4, 1961. August 4th is the SAME DATE as the GULF OF TONKIN INCIDENT in 1964!1!1!11!! Only a blind SHEEP would think that's only a coincidence. Not only that, but FOUR CIVIL RIGHTS WORKERS were found murdered ON THE EXACT SAME DAY AS GULF OF TONKIN!!!11!1! Coincidence? HELLO, ANYBODY HOME!?!?! The evidence of conspiracy here is incontrovertible. But things only get even SHADIER from here! August 4 is also the day the BILLBOARD TOP 100 was published for the first time in 1958. The same BILLBOARD TOP 100 is full of POPULAR SONGS sung by POP STARS!!!!11!1! Pop stars like LADY GAGA, who has song called, "Judas." JUDAS is the EVIL DISCIPLE who BETRAYED JESUS to be CRUCIFIED under PONTIUS PILATE! Pontius Pilate served under TIBERIUS, the emperor of ANCIENT ROME! Ancient Rome was known for RAMPANT SEXUAL DEBAUCHERY!!!11!1! Much like SODOM AND GOMORRAH!1!!1! These cities were DESTROYED BE GOD and then LOT'S WIFE became a PILLAR OF SALT!!!11!1! SALT is commonly found in the OCEAN!!1!1! You know what's also found in the ocean? SHARKS!!!!11!1! The sharks is ALSO the name of an ICE HOCKEY TEAM in SAN JOSE!!!1! San Jose is in CALIFORNIA, which is also where HOLLYWOOD is located!!!!11!1! Hollywood is the CAPITAL of the LAMESTREAM MEDIA!!!11!1! The phrase "Lamestream Media" was COINED by SARAH PALIN!!11!1! Sarah Palin is from ALASKA, which home to lots of POLAR BEARS!!!11!1! Polar Bears are DROWNING in the ARCTIC OCEAN in the SUMMER because of GLOBAL WARMING!!11!1! Global Warming is a hoax created by the SOCIALIST UNITED NATIONS!!11!1! The United Nations wants to CREATE A GLOBAL TYRANNY! Tyranny is what happened under the rule of ADOLF HITLER!!!11!1! Hitler was the leader of NAZI GERMANY and is responsible for the HOLOCAUST!!11!1! The Holocaust killed 6 million Jews!!!1!1!1! The Jews are responsible for the creation of ISRAEL!11!1! Israel is at war with PALESTINE!11!11 Palestine is an ISLAMIC STATE like IRAN!11!1! Iran was invaded by the SOVIET UNION in 1979!!111!1!1! The Soviet Union were COMMUNISTS!11!1! Communists were responsible for the DECEMBER REVOLUTION!!1!1! December is the last MONTH of the YEAR, immediately succeeding NOVEMBER!!11!! November is the month that OBAMA was ELECTED in 2008!!!1!1! Four years earlier, WORLD OF WARCRAFT was ALSO RELEASED IN NOVEMBER!!11!1! Things are getting scary now!11!1! World of Warcraft has a RAID BOSS names C'THUN!!11!1! C'thun is a shout-out to CTHULHU!11!1! I first heard about CTHULHU on August 4th!11!1! The same day OBAMA was "born." Therefore, OBAMA IS CTHULHU!!!!1!!1!!1!

The proof is right here. It's as CLEAR AS DAY!11!1! I have discovered the TRUTH!!!!111!1! If you need further PROOF, note that August 4th is ALSO THE DAY that ANNE FRANK was arrested during the HOLOCAUST!1!1!1! Seriously, "Obama" being "born" on August 4th, the Gulf of Tonkin happening on August 4th, Civil Rights workers being found MURDERED on August 4th, the arrest of Anne Frank on August 4th, the Billboard Top 100 being published for the first time on August 4th, and me finding out about Cthulhu on August 4th? Do you still BELIEVE it all to be a COINCIDENCE!!?!11!1!1! If you do, then you are a SHEEP!!!11!1!1!