Sunday, December 8, 2013

YouTube Comments

If there's one thing I've learned from being on YouTube over the years, it's that sometimes the comments on a video can be more entertaining than the video itself. As with other places on the internet that allow unfiltered communication between any anonymous person about any topic, YouTube comments transcend tradition definitions of intelligence (or lack thereof). The anonymity of the Internet has allowed millions of people to put purified stupidity on display for the world to see. Here's a few examples:

This would have been even funnier if he'd spelled it as "retart". 

Says the person who doesn't know how to use proper grammar taught in third-grade. 

How did he manage to misspell "think" as "thing"? The g key is three keys away from the k!

This guy seems to have a very bright future as a 40-year-old McDonalds bathroom cleaner. 

Huh. I didn't realize that there were 52 months in a year. Imagine that.

I think this guy might be having an aneurysm. Hopefully the well-manicured upper-middle class suburb he lives in has a hospital. 

The following comments are all from this video

This next one in particular is a prime example of the "logic" used by misogynists with inflated victimhood complexes.

This next guy's comments are already stupid enough as is, but take a look at his YouTube Channel if you really want to capture to full magnitude of their epic idiocy.
You realize that beating your wife wasn't even legal in America in the 1850s, let alone the 1950s, right?  I  think you want to live in the 1650s. 

I think I'll close this post with some intelligent and upstanding individuals respectfully stating their disagreement with a YouTuber who dissed their favorite rapper.

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