Friday, December 27, 2013

Phil Robertson no longer suspended from A & E

This little controversy and the hissy fit people threw about it ended very predictably. I honestly don't think there was ever any danger of Phil Robertson actually getting fired. In fact, I'm pretty sure A & E enjoyed the publicity generated from the controversy. How many of you had heard of Duck Dynasty before Robertson's comments? I know I hadn't. Sarah Palin made a fool of herself defending Robertson before she even know what he'd actually said. And the National Council of Freedom and Enterprise had a petition going in support of Robertson--their ads were plastered across several of the blogs that I read, none of which are geared toward the target audience of Duck Dynasty. It's weird how the internet works sometimes.

The only thing I feel the need to directly comment on is this tweet from Bobby Jindal.
The State of Louisiana must have no problems at all if the fucking governor has nothing better to do than jump to the defense of some unimportant pseudo-celebrity from a reality show most people probably never heard of before said unimportant pseudo-celebrity said stupid things about gays and black people. I think that's the real lesson to take away from all of this. Our leaders have far more free time on their hands than their jobs reasonably entails. 

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